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Meet Larry Ringgold :
Turtle Point Driftwood Sculptures

Recently retired Carpentry/Woodworking Teacher of 33 years and woodworker for over 42years, I have returned to my background in art and love of the Chesapeake Bay.  The driftwood art seemed a natural transition for a woodworker, which has been made convenient by previous hurricanes and storms.  Due to the massive flooding, great amounts of all types of wood drifted down to the Maryland beaches. Though much of this wood has since disappeared, I have still found some isolated beaches to find more material. Who hasn’t been inspired by a piece of wood that has an interesting shape.

Design and Construction:

My personal vision is; Art should be an equal alliance of creativity and craftsmanship. My work attempts to create figures, both mythical and real, by using select pieces of driftwood that not only suggest anatomical features but also highlight the unique beauty of the wood. I strive to give life and personality to my work. Though some work is obviously inspired by the wood I find, many pieces are more technical striving to create a challenging subject. I will spend many hours walking the local beaches, collecting interesting pieces of driftwood that will be worked to interlock with other pieces to create figures. Once fitted, wood will be screwed into place then shaped and sanded. Works will be bleached and power washed before applying at least four coats of a water-based clear wood preservative. Sculptures can be displayed indoors or out.

Where to Find my Work:

Carmen’s of Solomons, Vintage Stew of Deal, Wheel Clothing of North Beach, River Gallery of Galesville and Chez Nous in Leonardtown or visit my studio in Chesapeake Beach. or at