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Meet Nick and Bob Kutchi : Photography

Nick & Bob Kutchi

Nick Kutchi is a photographer and full time Architectural Engineer who learned how to take photographs from his dad (Bob) and two older brothers.  He was given a camera at the age of 4 and has been taking photographs ever since.

Being a full time Certified Lighting Design Engineer, Nick's job and passion is using architectural light to "paint" on the architectural canvas of buildings and structures. Photography is all about the light and how it is used or applied, just like Nick's job of Architectural Engineering.

Bob Kutchi, is a retired teacher with a passion for travel and photography. Being a teacher allowed him and his wife to travel across the country during the summer months to not only take in the natural beauty of the US in person, but also photograph it along the way. He was able to pass this travel and photography on to his three sons by taking them on many cross country trips as kids. Bob always ensured that he taught his sons everything he knew about photography and made sure that they always had a camera of their own to allow them to grow the photographic eye.

The eye is a beautiful thing in that it allows us as human beings to be able to enjoy the natural wonders and beauty in the world that is all around us.  Nick and Bob’s passion for photography comes from the ability to share their vision with others and to let others try to immerse themselves in the reality of that moment the photo was taken.

In 2009 Nick and Bob decided to share their vision of the world around them by creating KutchiStudios and participating in local art shows around the Maryland and Pennsylvania area.

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