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Meet James Kinnett : Watercolor

James KinnettJames KinnettJames Kinnett

James Kinnett’s life-long fascination with nature began as a boy romping through the Maryland woods and streams with childhood friends. He taught himself to sketch and paint animals, especially birds, by the age of ten. Jim’s natural talent for wildlife and nature scenes was apparent to all and he began completing commissioned work by the time he reached high school.

In his mid-twenties Kinnett’s life took him on a different journey and he did not paint for over twenty years. He became a successful sales executive but he was never completely happy and always felt there was a void in his life. It was only when he started to paint again in his mid-forties at the urging of his family did he realized that painting was what was missing from his life. Moving to Louisiana, Texas than back to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, James immersed himself in studying and perfecting his technique for painting wildlife in watercolor.

Kinnett is a the Maryland 2002-2003 Duck Stamp winner and his work currently can be seen in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware galleries. His works are reproduced only in giclee editions and are available in limited editions of 200.

Explanation of Giclee Prints
The artist’s original is scanned digitally and stored in a computer. Using A high resolution ink jet printer limited edition prints are reproduced on acid-free watercolor paper or on canvas with archival ink which makes editions impervious to sunlight. A Giclee print is the next best thing to the original.