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Meet Tom Gross : Woodworker

Tom GrossTom GrossTom Gross

Tom Gross retired initially and has returned to work in a second career with a major insurance company, but this has not stopped him from creating beautiful woodworking projects out of his shop. Tom creates furniture pieces, lovely jewelry boxes, canes, hand lathed pens and desk sets. He has also completed numerous commissioned furniture pieces for his customers. In all cases, only the best woods are used for his tables and cabinets and other pieces.

He refuses to use soft woods that warp or chip and uses only the best furniture grade maples, cherry, walnut and mahogany woods, along with some very exotic woods from around the world. He calls his creations “Good Wood” and for good reason as he makes his creations to last for generations. He will be happy to discuss with you that custom furniture piece or box that you have been thinking about for years. You can pick the legs, the wood, the custom drawers or doors, the final finish, or the special piece of your own custom design that you have been thinking about.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (240) 249-3440, leave a message and he will be happy to get back to you.